“When the Hell Are They?”

As Dr. Emmett Brown (AKA Doc) so eloquently said in Back to the Future, “The appropriate question is, ‘When the hell are they’. ”

The quest for time travel has bugged the human mind for quite some time, and some might say is the very beginning of scientific research. The Mayans, for example, were obsessed with space-time and created a whole calendar system, mastering the understanding of our journey through space-time, they even had a concept called najt (space-time). Fast forward to Einstein in the early 1900s, General Relativity challenged our understanding of time and its effect in our perception of space, opening the possibility of theoretically possible time-travel to the past in certain general relativity spacetime geometries that make it possible to travel faster than the speed of light, like cosmic strings, traversable wormholes, and Alcubierre drives.

The American 1985 classic sci-fi film ‘Back to the Future’ gave us The DeLorean, a modified DMC car that worked as a sort of capsule for time-travel, both to the past and the future. Thanks to it many of us grew up used to the concept of a time-travel machine and as a consequence many of us were influenced one way or another to anticipate and plan ahead.

“Wait a minute. Wait a minute Doc, are you telling me you built a time machine out of a DeLorean?” ~ Marty McFly

To be able to travel at the speed of light with a Delorean car in 1985 was technically impossible but still many of us thought it was a badass concept, we wanted it to be true.

Can you imagine if you had access to a time-travel machine? What would you do? How much advantage could you have in relation to the rest?

Certainly we all wished we had a time-travel capsule that would give us a brilliant leap of mastermind that resulted in extraordinary growth and profit. Going back to 2009 and mining some BTC with your laptop for example, yeah I’ve thought about that too.

What is all this time-travel talk about and what does it have to do with iUPixel and BDMC? Well, we’ve been thinking hard on token dynamics that are both fun and healthy for the iUPixel community’s growth. We don’t want just to airdrop ya’ll some PIXEL tokens or guarantee APYs. We want to build a strong community that supports our long term vision. We want to build a community that gets involved with what we are currently developing and want to develop in the future, but we know that takes time. That’s where time-travel comes in..

Time-travel with us to the future of iUPixel

We call it Flash Yielding and it’s a pool with a 30% APR over the amount of PIXEL locked (15% over your total capital locked paired with ETH), but given to you immediately.

We’ve partnered with Bees Social to implement a Flash Yield Locking Pool (AKA Super Hive) to reward long term community members that are willing to travel with us into the future.

It works like this:

  1. Provide liquidity to the ETH/PIXEL Balancer v2 pool.

2. Lock up your LP tokens in the Flash Yield Locking Pool for 12 months.

3. Get an immediate return of 30% of the amount of PIXEL tokens you staked (15% over your total capital locked paired with ETH) in PIXEL tokens directly to your wallet.

The Flash Yield rewards are not a matter of when, they are a matter of how much.

We are allocating 3% of the PIXEL total supply (30M PIXEL) for Flash Yield rewards, and these will be distributed while they last, meaning that this Flash Yield Locking Pool will distribute rewards while there are rewards available. No due date here.

The Flash Yield rewards guarantee that by the time all rewards have been distributed, the 10% PIXEL total supply will be locked for 12 months, making iUPixel tokenomics quite solid considering there is a 20% total supply already locked. You see? Time travel has it’s benefits.

30M PIXEL tokens are worth $900,000 at the time this article is written. This might be one of the biggest rewards distributed immediately in the history of crypto. So get there ealy!

You can get PIXEL tokens via the Balancer Exchange.

Go to app.balancer.fi.

Make sure you are in the Balancer Version 2.

Click the Trade tab.

If you can’t find the PIXEL token, you can search it using the token contract address 0x89045d0af6a12782ec6f701ee6698beaf17d0ea2.

PIXEL is paired with Ethereum so you’ll be able to trade almost with any stablecoin or altcoin.

DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

The iUPixel devs have implemented an easy to use decentralized exchange to buy PIXELS, just go to get.iupixel.com.

You can get PIXEL tokens with stablecoin or Ethereum.

Don’t forget to add the PIXEL token to your wallet, to be able to see how many PIXEL tokens you hold.

I finally invent something that works!” ~ Dr. Emmett Brown on iUPixel

For more information join iUPixel’s Telegram channel.

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