Billion Dollar Market Cap

“That’s one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind”

Can you imagine the moment when Neil Armstrong, after years of training and knowing he was putting everything in risk traveling this far, was finally able to set foot on the moon? The adrenaline pumping at maximum speed, the excitement, the expectation of being the first crew that made it to the moon…

That’s how everyone at iUPixel is feeling with Billion Dollar Market Cap. It’s our first digital product, yet the foundation for everything else we want to build. For us, Billion Dollar Market Cap is our Apollo 11. But our success doesn’t depend on the technology alone, or the crew that’s been here all the time. It depends on people, the NFT community, the crypto community and every one that decide to come along for the ride with us. But still, what is Billion Dollar Market Cap? Stay tuned for the most specific description you’ll ever find.

What is Billion Dollar Market Cap?

Now you are starting to get the picture. But what is Billion Dollar Market Cap? Well, we believe that transcendence and the persistence of humankind through time is fundamental to each of us. Think about it as a time capsule for your essence. We believe that history is what allows us to become better — our past pushes the envelope for the present generations.
The journey towards developing an autonomous mechanical being with a similar intelligence to ours may still be a long journey, but we believe that the technology to enable a sorta self-download into a collective chain of knowledge is already here, and you’ll see it as we release each of our products.

Billion Dollar Market cap is the culmination of a lot of research, and the successful implementation of the state of the art technologies you need to become part of history and make sure that a hundred years from today, you will still be part of the blockchain and that your legacy, your art and message, will still be visually available via IPFS technology and will be part of a collaborative canvas, represented via NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, certifying and validating it’s uniqueness in the entire world.

Billion Dollar Market Cap is your personal time capsule and can become that amazing story you tell your grandkids, your kids, your partner, friends, cats or dogs, when you’re old. The story you will tell 50 years from now (hopefully) about how in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic in 2021 a group of people decided to collaborate on a 1920x1080 canvas and leave a legacy of happiness, fun and hope for future generations.

But still, what is Billion Dollar Market Cap?

Alright, alright. We haven’t been very specific so far. Let’s get into details, and what better way to do it, than showing you a sneak peak of the interface and the functionalities inside BDMC! Check out our video so we can continue with a simple but thorough explanation of Billion Dollar Market Cap below!

In simple terms, BDMC will let you own a space on the blockchain that will allow you to display an image, via NFTs. It is your capsule in space-time.

Once you connect your wallet, you’re all set.
The canvas has 2,073,600 pixels (1920x1080) grouped in sections of 10x10 (100 pixels) which is the minimum amount of pixels you can buy, making it a total of 20,736 portions available to purchase. Each portion will have a different price depending on its location (i.e. the center may be the most expensive). There will be an initial price game in which an algorithm will analyze the buying and selling pressures at given time and re-price certain sections, with the purpose of keeping it as fair for everyone as possible.

The interface is quite intuitive so you can drag your mouse and select any area that is still available. We all hate transaction fees and that’s why we added a cart, that will allow you to buy more than one section of blocks in the same transaction.

You’ll have two side menus that will help you navigate the canvas with different handy tools.

Once you have purchased a portion of the canvas, you can upload an image, add a description and a URL which will only show when a visitor clicks your image.

All spaces in the canvas will and can only be purchased with $PIXEL tokens. You can either get them straight from the Balancer Exchange or use our own DEX @

How’s this different from uploading my selfie to sites like BookFace or InstantGrams?

First of all, we don’t want to give free publicity :) And to answer your question. The technology that powers Billion Dollar Market Cap is what makes us different.

To start, we are using the Ethereum Blockchain. The distributed ledger technology adds efficiency, transparency and security for all transactions in the canvas of Billion Dollar Market Cap.

Then we have NFT’s. When you acquire a 10x10 pixel block you are getting yourself an NFT, ERC1155 (Non-Fungible Token). This gives you a piece of the Canvas that you own, that you can hold onto or trade.

At last we have IPFS (Interplanetary File System) -All the data of images on canvas is stored on the Ethereum blockchain. IPFS provides deduplication, high performance, and clustered persistence — these three technologies work in perfect harmony empowering BDMC and all the information contained there for future generations. Long after you’re gone, your art in the canvas will transcend, it will become timeless and be part of history.

Considering the fact that each 10x10 pixel block portion of the canvas can only be owned by one person via NFT, demand for BDMC pixels is bound to be high. Not to mention, that you can purchase more than one pixel in the same area and create a big portion of BDMC real estate for yourself. And taking in consideration that you can easily rent or sell your pixel to interested parties, you will be activating a new stream of passive income.

Besides all the tech, there’s an awesome team driving the innovation of our products and making sure we have the best out there, all powered by coffee, energy drinks, lots of cereal and tacos and passionate for the future of iUPixel.

Cool. So I just upload an image and that’s it?

HECK NO! Do you think we’ve gathered this amazing team just to allow you to upload images? You really haven’t read our previous entries if you were thinking this was all.

The first release of Billion Dollar Market Cap will do everything we mentioned at the top of this entry. Maybe we’ll throw in some surprises too.

Yet, this is what’s already in our ongoing development and updates timeline for BDMC in Q3 and Q4 of 2021:

  • A decentralized feature voting system — we want the community to be part of this project and make it theirs, decide a big part of the direction and future of the project and propose new features
  • A system that will validate if you have NFT’s in OpenSea already, and if you do, give you the ability to post them on your land on Billion Dollar Market Cap and get a “Verified Owner” badge to show people you’re the real owner of that amazing CryptoPunk that sold for 4,200 ETH.
  • PERKS in our social media channels like special titles, roles in Discord and access to channels with privileged information about our upcoming projects and upcoming games are coming for the people that own one or more blocks of land in Billion Dollar Market Cap.
  • PERKS in future games for the owners of land in Billion Dollar Market Cap. That special skin for your character that no one but the owners of land can have ;)
  • The ability to trade, sell, rent and get in contact with other owners within the BDMC dapp. — Why trading? Let’s say you wanted to do something more creative and needed just that one square that’s on the right bottom of your image to add the nice tail of your cat. The normal way would be to enter in an auction on OpenSea, outbid the highest bidder and wait for the owner to notice you and give you the block you wanted. The better way would be to just send the owner a message within the app, he would get a notification via email and then you’d offer to trade the top right side block of the image of your cat that you don’t need, but that he needs to show the entire face of his dog in the selfie he posted. Ain’t that a sweet deal?
  • The ability to resize the group of blocks your purchased. Let’s say you purchased eight 10x10 blocks. In the first version of Billion Dollar Market Cap you will be able to put only one image to cover all blocks. But what if in the future, you wanted to sell 3 of those blocks, rent 3 and keep two for yourself and of course show different images on each group? That will be entirely possible through an update we will make to the interface.
  • Themes are coming — light and dark themes, and also, holiday themes. Yup, we love Halloween, Christmas, Taco Day, St. Patrick’s and Earth Day.
  • Heat maps based on price are also coming, for those wanting to take a quick glance of the price of real estate within Billion Dollar Market Cap.
  • The ability to zoom in and out on the canvas (native of BDMC not Chrome), take screenshots and share them on social media to brag about you being awesome and being a legend.

And of course, we left the best one for the end.

Gamification is coming to BDMC!

Your 10x10 blocks will have an entire new meaning ;) With the click of a button you’ll be able to turn BDMC into a game experience. Stay tuned.

Wow that’s awesome! But why didn’t you release the full version from the beginning?

Because, you know, reasons.

No really, serious answer: Tech takes time.

Believe us. We as the iUPixel team would LOVE to deliver different gaming experiences every single month. But if you read our previous entry, our bottleneck is human capital and of course, money.

We know there are great developers out there. But there’s a cost to it. And at the current stage we are, we need to release a good product to the market, be adopted by a community that believes in what we do and why we do it and go on an adventure together! We’re aiming to build a lot of games with the community and for the community, but to do that, we need you.

Launching the first version of Billion Dollar Market Cap and being successful with it will allow our team to grow and help us deliver milestones even faster. Our current timeline is based on our current resources. But, with the success of Billion Dollar Market Cap, this will set the foundation for many other games and increase the speed of delivery of our products.

How Can I Be a Part of Billion Dollar Market Cap and Get All the Perks!?

The only thing you need to participate in Billion Dollar Market Cap and also future projects are $PIXEL tokens, which you can easily obtain at our decentralized exchange below!

iUPixel Decentralized Exchange

When are you going to launch Billion Dollar Market Cap?

Summer 2021 is our release date — Do you know how soon is that? It is VERY SOON!

Stay tuned to our social media channels so you don’t miss out on the launch date and launch celebration events we will have!

Also, if you are a content creator and you are interested in getting access to our official Closed Beta, please reach out to us in our Telegram channel and ask access to the Closed Beta available only for content creators. Someone from our team will get in touch with you and validate your status as a content creator and proceed from there.

As a Beta Tester you will be rewarded with a handsome Beta Tester NFT that you can check out below, and also enter a contest for a grand prize of 5000 $PIXEL tokens.

That is all for today everyone! See you on the next entry!

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